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Training / Preparations

Off-Road training SIBESA (new: Off Road Academy)

The Automobil Club of Switzerland (ACS) offers so called Sibesa-training.
SIBESA stand for "Sicherheit" (= security), Beherrschung (= control), Spass (= fun), Abenteuer (= adventure).

In the basic course owners of off-road vehicles can particiapte with their own vehicles. The courses are held in the gravel-pit in Niederbipp/BE.

The Rover Group Switzerland also offers vehicles - Land Rover, Discovery, Range Rover - for the course.

Dates and other info:
ACS Fahrkurse
Tel. +41 31 328 3111
Hotline: +41 0800 900 700

Other training and other preparations:

  • Off-Road and Recovery Training for Truck-Drivers
  • Learning how to use all the equipment
  • Personalized Fitness-Training
  • Predefined Checklists for various emergency situations like Cyclones, Bush fires, Floodings, Car on fire, ...
  • Predefined Lists containing emergency Phone-Numbers and Radio-Frequencies to be used




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