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A jerry-can filled with diesel may be explosive if ……

A tank previously filled with gasoline but now filled with Diesel is up to the complete evaporation of the gasoline just as explosive and in danger of catching fire as if filled with gasoline only. The gasoline swims on top, those steams are explosive. As soon as the gasoline burns the Diesel will immediately also burn.

Cockroach-killer putty:

A tube of sweetened condensed milk mixed with boric acid and dispersed to putty is a fantastic Cockroach-killer. Pills of the putty are glued at various places in the camper / boat.
Cockroaches eat the putty and leave the car to find water or shrivel.
Keep it clear from cats and dogs!
The whole procedure requires about 3 weeks to kill all the nasty beasts.

How to keep the pest out of food-containers:

1. Method (Container must be hermetically sealed):
Place a small bag of char onto the bottom inside of the container. This deprives the oxygen out of the air inside the container.

2. Method:
Put some bay-leaves into the container.

Water purification for free:

Fill clear (sediment-filtered) water into clean PET bottles and expose it to sunlight on a sun-reflecting surface for at least 6 hours. The UV-A radiants as part of the sunbeams kill the microorganisms to a very high extend. See also: (German)




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