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Worldwide Health Insurance


For people living in Australia that intend to travel outside of Australia Australian insurances only offer a travel insurance that can be taken out for a max. of 1 year. After 1 year one has to return to Australia for a certain time before a new travel insurance can be taken out again.
During the absence the normal health cover has to continue running which makes this a very expensive solution.

International Travel Insurances (e.g. Allianz Global Assistance ) offer insurances that can be taken out for all countries worldwide with the exception of the country of residency.

Certain Australian health cover providers (e.g. BUPA) will allow the suspension of the insurance for a max. of 2 years, 3 years with a special permission. After that time one has to return to Australia for a certain time (with BUPA 2 months) before the insurance can be suspended again.
As soon as one returns to Australia the health insurance will become active again at the same level of insurance that one had before leaving Australia.
(BUPA will check the departure and return by asking for the tickets or the boarding passes.)

Medicare is not valid outside of Australia.


The international travel insurance usually does not cover health issues in the home country.
A very proven insurance for international coverage is Allianz Global Assistance

Life insurance

Due to the fact that we are already retired we have decided against having a life insurance.

Pension fund

Switzerland Swiss Citizens considering to collect their pension fund and leave Switzerland permanently need to be aware of that pension funds are subject to withholding tax. Depending on the canton where the pension fund moneys are collected the tax can vary depending on the cantons e.g.
2,5 % in Schwyz
7,5 % in Zurich

Freizügigkeitsstiftung PensFree

Herrengasse 14
CH-6430 Schwyz
Telephone +41 41 819 60 72
Fax +41 41 819 60 69

Car insurance


The Swiss motor liability insurance will only cover cars in the countries listed on the "green insurance card". These are all countries of the ECM, almost all other European countries, as well as most of the countries around the Mediterranean sea. The insurance is very expensive.


As long as you have a fixed abode in Europe it is easy to get an insurance.
But without (foreigners, non-Europeans) you will require the pink border insurance.
ADAC in Germany can issue it.
In Switzerland, you can get it at the airport in Kloten (Zurich).


We don't like organising insurances at the border, rather do it in advance.
For South America, we had the CONOSUR which includes Peru.
Klaus and Claudia in El Bolson have a fleet and can organise it for you:


You will get the bill every 4 months and the documents are sent to you as PDF.

Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana)

South Africa, Namibia and Botswana form a union.
When we travelled through those countries in 2011 the liability insurance was included in the fuel price.
No separate insurance was required.

Eastern Africa (from Zambia and Zimbabwe to Libya, except Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana)

In 2011 we bought the COMESA Yellow Card (Google for COMESA Yellow Card).
The insurance covered liability and injury for the registered driver/co-driver.
The insurance had different prices, one for a single country, two countries and one for three or more countries.
In case of the multi-country insurance at the time of the contract one has to define for which countries one wants it to be valid. The selection is final so be sure to select all countries you could possibly visit.



No liability for timeliness, integrity and correctness of this document is accepted.
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