Alinta Wind Farm

At the Alinta Wind Farm one is surrounded by 54 of the world's largest wind turbines.
Each wind turbines towers 78 metres above the landscape with blades stretching 41 metres.
At capacity, the Alinta Wind Farm will generate 90 megawatts of power - enough to supply electricity to 60,000 homes.
This is one of Australia's largest wind energy facilities.
Each year, the clean energy created here will displace 400,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions produced by traditional fossil fuel based power generation.
This is the equivalent of removing 80,000 cars from Western Australia roads each year.

Why build a wind farm here?
The Mid West is one of Australia's windiest regions.
Wind speeds in this area average about 20-25 km/h during the cooler months, but from October-March, wind speeds reach an average of 25-35 km/h as a result of the strong seasonal sea breeze, coupled with a consistent easterly breeze in the morning.
The Alinta Wind Farm is located in open farming country, allowing for optimum spacing of turbines.
There are minimal obstructions in the landscape and the smooth topography can have a 'speed up' effect on wind.
Wind farming is compatible with agricultural activities such as stock grazing and broadacre crops.
Less than 1 per cent of farm land within the site has been used for the Alinta Wind Farm.

How do the wind turbines work?
Turbines at the Alinta Wind Farm have internal computers that monitor the wind's direction and speed.
Electricity production begins at winds above 14 km/h.
The amount of electricity produced continues to increase until the turbines reach their maximum or 'rated' capacity at winds around 36 km/h.
Stronger winds do not make the blades turn faster.
The blades rotate at a regular 14.4 revolutions per minute and operate at their capacity until the wind speed reaches 65 km/h.
The turbines automatically shut down and turn out of the wind to avoid potential damage when the wind speed goes beyond 65 km/h.
At 14.4 revolutions per minute, the blade tip is traveling at more than 220 km/h.
The electricity generated at the wind farm is fed directly into the State electricity grid via an on site substation, and is sold by Alinta to its own customers.

Key statistics

Total capacity 90 megawatts
Tower height 78 meters
Tower material Welded steel
Tower weight 130 tonnes

Maximum power wind speed 36 km/h
Start-up wind speed 14 km/h
Cut-off wind speed 65 km/h

Rotor speed 14.4 rpm
Rotor diameter 82 metres
Blade length 41 metres
Blade weight 7.5 tonnes
Blade material Carbon /Wood /Glass/Epoxy

Number of turbines 54
Capital cost $210 million
Greenhouse gas savings 400,000 tonnes/a
Homes supplied (equivalent) 60'000
Builder/operator Renewable Power Ventures (RPV)
Power purchase agreement Alinta

About Alinta:
Alinta is one of Australia's leading energy infrastructure companies.
Alinta operates, manages and part-owns more than 72,000 km of electricity lines Australia wide.

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