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Trucks and Road Trains ....

Blower truck, used to blow
the mined dirt containing
opals from the mines to
the surface for processing.
(Coober Pedy, South
Australia, Australia)

The semi-trailer can be
folded and loaded onto
the truck; unfolded the
truck carries large logs.
(Morwell, Victoria, Australia)

The truck seems to consist of two parts,
each equipped with its own engine.
(Lake Johnston Nickel Mine, Western
Australia, Australia)

Oversize truck transporting mining
(Great Northern Highway,
Western Australia, Australia)

Fuel transport Road Train. Length 53.4 m.
(Kulgera Roadhouse, Stuart Highway,
Northern Territory, Australia)

Road trains on the Plenty Highway near Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.
After having driven on a dirt track once back on the bitumen they "dust" their tyres (= stopping and getting as much dust and sand off the tyres before they head into town.
If they would not do that the first place where they stop would be marked with small sand piles …)

Trains ...



The "Indian Pacific"
(seen at Rawlinna Train Station,
Connie Sue Highway,
Western Australia, Australia)

The "Gahn"
(seen at the James Orr bridge,
Stuart Highway, Northern
Territory, Australia)



Mine vehicles ...

Mining truck at the Newman ....
Visiter Centre, Western Australia
Consider that the OKA in front is
already 3.2 m high ...

Gross power 2'300 hp
Weighs 166 tonne
Fuel tank 3'790 litres
Payload 225 tonne
Maximum speed 55 km/h

Gross power 3714 hp
(2 engines)
Weighs 685 tonne
Fuel tank 11'000 litres
1 bucket full 60 tonne
Maximum speed 2.1 km/h

Converted by Ausdrill Ltd to KCGM specifications.
Holes up to 96 meters (plus).
1200 cfm / 500 psi (boosted).
Driller and offsider.

For more details on the Super Pit and mining vehicles please click here.

Desert racing vehicles ...

For more details on the Finke Desert Race please click here.

Farm vehicles ...

The seeding machine .... 18.5 m wide.
The whole digging, seeding, fertilizing and covering process is done in one go.
If the Tungsten digging-tool hits a rock it bounces back and then tries again with a softer approach, to get around the rock.
The fertilizer is dropped a bit aside the seed, close enough to fertilize but not too close that it would burn the young plant.
Then liquid Nitrogen (Flexi-N) is sprayed on the ground close by, but again far enough to cause no harm.
Then the wheel will close the drench and compact it.

The sprayer .... 45 m wide.
The tank holds 7'000 litre and 120 – 150 ha can be sprayed with one tank.
The tractor is automatically guided by a GPS. Thanks to differential GPS the driven route, calculated by a PC, is accurate to 3 cm.
Garry's role basically is to watch for alarm lights, the rest is all done automatically.

Historical vehicles ...



N0.5872 of 1889;
Ordered by Mr. T.W. Powell for
his estate near Albany, Western
It left John Fowlers works, Leeds,
England, on July 30th 1889.

Len Beadell's original Gunbarrel Construction Party grader.
Len surveyed large areas of desert and built the desert "highways" during the rocket launching program from Woomera
(Giles Meteorological Station, Great Central Road, Western Australia, Australia)



... and the abandoned ones ....

... left in Gwalia, Western Australia, Australia, when on New Year's Eve of 1963 the "Sons of Gwalia" gold mine was closed.
People just packed their bags, cought the last train out of town and left all behind .....

... left at Burra Rock,
Woodlines, Western
Australia, Australia.

... left at Lake Crosbie,
Murray – Sunset NP, South
Australia, Australia.

.... left at Old Andado Station, Old Andado Track,
Northern Territory, Australia.

..... a VW bus "used" as
toilet at Higginsville Pump Station,
Western Australia, Australia.

OKAs we have met ...

... at the Mornington Rally in 2007

26 OKAs .... Guinness Book of Records?

And here some special ones:

... at the Glen Mervyn Dam Rally 2010

Hal and Liza Harvey with
Elizabeth and Jack
LT 260

Rowena Paterson
XT 067

Richard and Beverly House
XT 080

David and Pauline Gray
XT 137

Terry and Debbie Morris
XT 090


Alan Bajada and Jo-Anne Allchin
XT 159

Robert and Cherry Williamson
XT 248

Kim Blythe (without Helen!!)
XT 155

Rob Thomas with Richard
XT 162


... on the road ...



Klaus Gräter, Germany

Ron and Lyn Quigly
XT 040

Paul Nott

Rita and Vidas Ridikas
LT 296

Peter and Margaret Wright
XT 196


Jim Dean and Kareen
XT 008

David and Genine Hallandal
with Scott and Naomi
XT 131

XT 029

Ian Johnes





Safari Treks

Wilderness Challenge





... Swiss Travellers with Swiss vehicles...

Ineke and Pierre with their
"Pilote"; we met them in Perth
after their arrival in Australia.
They had travelled overland from
Europe to Thailand from where
they shipped the vehicle.

Monika and Fredy with their
Iveco; we met them in Perth after
their arrival in Australia and
many more times on the road ...
They had also travelled overland
from Europe to Thailand and knew
Ineke and Pierre and also Nicole
and Walti from there.

Nicole and Walti with their
Bimobil on a Nissan Patrol; we
met them in Perth.
While travelling overland from
Europe to Thailand they had
met Ineke and Pierre and also
Monika and Fredy. All three
parties met again at the Ferry
to Tasmania.

Heidi (Ruedi's sister) and
Peter's Toyota. Together
we travelled through
Australia for two years.

Henk and his wife with their
Bremach; we met them in
Palm Valley, then saw them
a few times on the Queensland
side of the Savannah Way,




Gabrielle and Robert Roberts
with their Bucher-Duro, a
truck built in Switzerland,
spotted at the Lorella
Springs Campground, Savannah
Way, Northern Territory, Australia.

Ursula and Armando with their
MAN. We met them in Darwin
and again in Perth, just as they
got ready to leave Australia again.







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