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Legal stuff:

Most of the songs on this page are Ruedi's own composition.
The songs may be downloaded for personal use only. Any commercial use is forbidden without a prior written agreement.


Ruedi's 1 Man Band

Comments about the recordings:

All songs on the CD were composed by me with the exception of “In my Life” which was composed by the Beatles.
The pre year 2000 songs have been recorded on 8 or 16 track tape recorders and have been mixed to 2–track stereo on an analogue mixing desk. They have been digitised and remastered at a later time.

All the newer songs I recorded were recorded, mixed and mastered digitally on a computer. Most of them I recorded during February 2010 in Perth at Cashel Way (the OKA owner's house).

The songs don't claim to be of professional quality


Accompanying material:

Accompanying text

CD-case front-side for slim and standard cases

CD-case back-side for standard cases


The Songs (mp3/192kbps):

Nr. Title Time Composed Recording Additional Musicians
1. America del Sur 2:24 2010 DDD  
2. Cashel Way 2:32 2010 DDD  
3. Martin & Giuliana's Wedding Melody 3:33 1996 AAD  
4. E-maj Rhythmic Picking 3:03 2010 DDD  
5. In my Life 2:31 2006 DDD Iain Hart: vocals, bass
6. Taylor made 2:23 2006 DDD Iain Hart: synth
7. Schnooregiige Country 3:38 1985 AAD  
8. Papa's Birthday Menuett (remake) 3:55 1985 DDD  
9. Waychinicup 2:33 2008 DDD  
10. Jazzy Takes 3:15 2009 DDD  
11. Travellers story 3:49 1990 AAD Juerg Haus: sax
12. 6-7-9 Rag 2:50 2010 DDD  
13. Missing You 2:30 2010 DDD  
14. Classic Waltz 2:14 2010 DDD  
15. Dalhousie Springs 2:53 2008 DDD  









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