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Technic - top

In 2012 OKA, builder of one of the best Off-Road Trucks (use as base for Off-Road-Campers), went out of business.

OKA parts Australia has since then supported the OKA owners with both purpose made components and generic parts. 

They own the licence to reproduce engineered components and the interlectural property associated with the XT and the LT.
They also support the NT with most parts.

AUS Aluminium Camper-Aufbauten in Deutscher Perfektion D Toms-Backup - Unterstützung auf aussergewöhnlichen Wegen D Off-Road capable Caravans - The best we know AUS Foldable full-size Mountain-Bikes USA Mobile Stromkonzepte nach Mass, Mastervolt Experten CH Consulting und Verkauf im Bereich von Kommunikation und Navigation (QuoVadis, Garmn, Iridium),
Military-Grade PC's

Courses - top Pioneer and Leader in Field Guide and Nature Training ZA

Insurance - top


African motor vehicle insurance scheme

As per 9. Feb. 2019:
The Countries in which the COMESA Yellow Card is recognized as a valid insurance cover are:
Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

It covers third-party liabilities and medical expenses for the driver of the vehicle and his passengers.

Note: In South Afrika, Namibia and Botzwana the vehicle insurance is included in the fuel prices.


Health / Medicine - top Schweizerische Rettungsflugwacht CH Schweizer Paraplegiker Stiftung (weltweite Deckung) CH

Weather - top

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Weather and Cyclone warnings for Australia

AUS Interactive Weather and Wave Forecast Maps
AUS Warnings and incidents in Western Australia AUS

Communication - top Iridium Satellite-Phone Home Page CH/AUS

Fun - top Wothahellizat, the most incredible Motorhome AUS

Other travelers - top

Kollegen die 2002 - 2006 einen Trip durch den ganzen Amerikanischen Kontinen gemacht haben.
Viele gute Tips und Reiseinformationen über Südamerika.


Monika und Fredy Bauman, unterwegs in ihrem Iveco.
Wir haben sie in Australien kennengelernt.


Ruedis Schwester Heidi und ihr Mann Peter; wir waren 2007 - 2009 zusammen in Australien unterwegs.


Silvia und Peter König (Susis Cousin) mit dem WoMo unterwegs durch Südamerika.





Various - top

Feiertage in Europa CH

Fantastic worldwide post delivery service




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