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About us

We are a Swiss/Australian couple that wants to travel the world in an off-road camper.
Liking nature very much we will preferably visit remote areas.

The planning of our adventure began in 1995 while travelling through the Australian Outback.
Mid 2006 we finally started our journey in Australia.

During the past years we gathered lots of information that is interesting and useful to us. As it could also be valuable to other parties we are publishing parts of it on this web site.

During our travelling we intend to update this site on regular intervals with reports and photos to keep relatives and friends up-to-date and stay in contact with them.
But of course you are also very welcome to visit this web site every so often and together with us learn about all the wonderful places this world has to offer.



Susi Schoensleben-Vogt


Ruedi Schoensleben


23. February 1958 in Manila, Philippines


24. April 1950 in Zurich, Switzerland

Lived in

Philippines, Peru, Switzerland, USA and Australia


Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland


Swiss and Australian


Swiss and Australian


Learned profession Laboratory-Assistant, in between Secretary, EDP Project Manager, now travelling


Learned profession Draftsman, in between Musician, Hard- and Software-Engineer, now travelling


Photography, music, travelling, reading, sports


Music, travelling, sports







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